Chord Electronics CPA 2500 preamplifier

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Chord CPA 2500 - I think it is fair to say that there is no other audio brand out there quite like Chord Electronics, offering highend audio products with unique styling and stunning build quality which are all hand built in the UK in rural Kent. Possibly best known for their DAC’s they also offer a range of highend components. With customers like Skywalker Sound, Air Studios, and Even Sir Paul McCartney on their books along with stunning reviews that their equipment gets you can be sure that Chord really do offer some of the best products currently available today. So whatever you are after please pop into HFL to find out how Chord Electronics can enhance your music listening.

Introducing the entry level CPA2500 Pre-amplifier. The Chord CPA 2500 is of minimalist design but utilises a highly accurate, high-performance balanced output amplifier section. It is operated manually or via the remote control handset and has an unbalanced line level source selection unit for selecting and adjusting the signal levels of up to 6 unbalanced input signal sources and is for use prior to the main high power amplification of a quality hi-fi system.

The CPA 2500 is a full width design with matching style and character to the SPM 650 Power amplifier. The open airy sound of the CPA 2500 is instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with Chord Electronics power amplifiers. The CPA 2500 is transparent and flexible in its ability to disappear within the music. Full display and remote control features enable total mastery over the six unbalanced inputs.

The unit features two separate monitor inputs and outputs. Monitoring (Tape, DAT, CDR) is possible from any source to either of the tape recorder outputs. The CPA 2500 has been configured with 2 input selector buses, each bus connected to one monitor output. The CPA 2500 comes fully equipped with two pairs of balanced and one pair of unbalanced outputs. The output stage has been specially designed to perfectly match any Chord Electronics power amplifier. Six pairs of RCA phono style unbalanced inputs are configured for two CD players, one VCR or DVD player, one Radio or Tuner & two recording output monitors.

These controls can be manually or remotely operated. The volume control is displayed digitally with figures from 00 to 98 with a logarithmic law. The balance control also has an indication for the direction of travel.

As with all Chord products each piece of metal work is machined from solid aluminium giving a superb rigid construction that gives unsurpassed vibration damping with stunning looks to match.

Technical Specifications:

  • HARMONIC DISTORTION: 10Hz -90dB    10kHz -89dB, 1kHz -91dB    20kHz -87dB
  • SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: -93dB all inputs except Video (-83dB)
  • CHANNEL SEPARATION: 10Hz 93dB, 10kHz 91dB, 1kHz 95dB, 20kHz 89dB
  • UNBALANCED INPUTS: Disc 1, Disc 2, Video, Radio, Tape 1 and Tape 2.
  • OUTPUTS: 2 pairs balanced outputs (3-pin XLR) O/P 1 & 2, 1 unbalanced RCA phono style, 2 Tape outputs, unbalanced RCA phono style. 
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 2.5Hz - 200kHz (-3dB)
  • INPUT MAX: Disc 1 3.6V rms, Radio 3.6V rms, Disc 2 3.6V rms    Tape 1 3.6V rms, Video 3.6V rms Tape 2 3.6V rms 
  • NOMINAL GAIN: 1:1.3 (1V AC In gives 1.3V AC Out) RCA in to RCA out
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 47k ohms
  • OUTPUT MAX: 15.6V rms balanced, 7.8V rms unbalanced
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:470ohms (short circuit protected)
  • DIMENSIONS (MM):420 x 88 x 355 (Width x Height x Depth)
  • WEIGHT:10 Kg

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