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HFL on Devialet

Devialet are a French company formed in 2007 with its first product the D-Premier launched to amazing critical acclaim in 2009, the range has since expanded to many more cutting edge products. I think it is fair to say that there is nothing like Devialet, for one their products look stunning, but more importantly they have the performance to back those looks up. At their heart they usa a hybrid amplifier section, the first of its kind mixing Class A to give that musical sound but driven by Class D known for power and a compact size. The range also have phono stages built in, a streamer, a top class DAC that converts all sources to 24/192, even vinyl, all configured online and saved to an SD card. Now there is Phantom, a wireless speaker that really can rival tradiotional HiFi Systems. Is Devialet the ‘Future Of HiFi?’ why not pop into HFL to find out for yourself.


Devialet News

HiFi Lounge is proud to be one of a select few Bryston dealers in the UK who now come under the new Bryston Centre of Excellence initiative.

PMC speakers (Brystons UK distributer) are re-affirming their commitment to the development of Bryston for domestic use in the UK through the creation of a network of Bryston Centres of Excellence, PMC have appointed Tom Barron to the position of Bryston account manager, here is what he had to say about the new venture - account manager, here s what Tom had to say on the new venture -

"I will be working with a carefully selected group of retailers across the UK so we have strong geographical coverage that puts Bryston within easy reach of audiophiles up and down the land. Each Centre of Excellence will receive in-depth training to ensure they are fully conversant with all aspects of the brand, to enable them to serve their customers with confidence."

HiFi Lounge have been big fans of Bryston for many years now, owning much of their equipment personally before starting HiFi Lounge. We even started the always active Bryston Owners Thread on AVForums to which we contribute regularly, so it really is a privilege to be part this new scheme. We have a vast knowledge regarding the current Bryston range of which we have most on demo, so if you have any questions or would like to come in for a listen please do not hesitate to get in touch. There is nothing we like more than talking about and listening to Bryston equipment.