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What HFL Thinks

Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl - Musical Fidelity offers an wide range of HiFi seperates that caters for all tastes, there is the excellent entry level V Series offering unrivalled value for money, the fantastic compact M1 series along with the exceptional M3 and M6 ranges through to the M8 series for state of the art high end HiFi followed by the Signature AMS range and the reference limited edition Titan amplifier, truly something for everyone. Please come into HiFi lounge to experience how Musical Fidelity, With over 30 years experience in building the best British HiFi, will take you closer to the music.

Nu-Vista Vinyl - Overview

The Nu-Vista Vinyl was a labour of love for MF. We love phono, we adore tubes, we are passionate about Nuvistors. We relished, revelled and basked in the pure joy of designing a product of our dreams.

One quick look at the Nu-Vista Vinyl's wonderful visuals confirms our feelings.

We set out to make a phono stage without any practical limits. Essentially, in real life, you cannot overload the input stage or find any practical limitations in the output driving capacity.  Single ended or balanced.

It has five inputs, each can be set for either MM/MC and exact loading. It will remember those settings.

Sound Quality

The true point of any electronic, actually any audio component, is that you don't know it is there. You completely forget its existence.

By that criteria the Nu-Vista Vinyl is almost perfect. It has no practical audible noise, it doesn't really have distortion, you cannot overload its input or output, you can load your cartridge perfectly.

It exists to serve, serve the music. To bring the artists intent, emotions and passion to your ears and heart.

Yeah, we can talk about bass (deep, deep, deep), imaging (tactile, holographic), high frequency clarity with no sibilence....and on and on. Yeah, It does all those things.....but the big thing it does, the thing that matters that it eases your soul by getting you to the heart of the music.

Nu-Vista Vinyl - Specifications

MM input

    •    Frequency response - RIAA or RIAA/IEC (selectable) ±0.2dB

    •    Input sensitivity - 2.5mV in for 300mV out (at 1 kHz)

    •    Input impedance - 47KΩ

    •    Input capacitance - 50-400pF selectable

    •    THD at 1 kHz - &lt:0.01%

    •    Overload margin - 31dB

    •    Signal to noise ratio - >90dB “A”-wtd

MC input

    •    Frequency response - RIAA or RIAA/IEC (selectable) ±0.2dB

    •    Input sensitivity - 250μV in for 300mV out (at 1 kHz)

    •    Input impedance - 10Ω to 47KΩ selectable

    •    Input capacitance - 470pF fixed

    •    THD at 1 kHz - &lt:0.01%

    •    Overload margin - 31dB

    •    Signal to noise ratio - >88dB “A”-wtd

Outputs (RCA/XLR)

    •    1 pair RCA (phono) - left and right 300mV nom 10V max

    •    1 paiir XLR (balanced) - left and right 600mV nom 20V max

Power requirement

    •    Mains voltages - 230V/115V Internally set or 100V optional. AC 50/60Hz

    •    Consumption - 30 Watts maximum.


    •    Unit only, unboxed - 14.5kg

    •    In shipping carton & inc. accessories - 20.6kg

Unit dimensions

    •    Wide - 482 mm

    •    High, including feet - 130 mm

    •    Deep (front to back) including terminals - 385 mm

Standard accessories

    •    Mains lead 10 Amp IEC

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