Dan Clark Audio

Dan Clark Audio, formally known as MrSpeakers, was founded in 2012 by Dan Clark. Audio has been Dan’s passion since he was four years old and rocked out air-guitar to The Beatles on his dad’s McIntosh tube amp and Wharfedale speakers. During college he worked in a high-end retail audio boutique and focused his studies on analog power amplifiers. In the late 1990’s, Dan started work as a loudspeaker design consultant for several high-end audio companies, then As the personal audio market exploded with the advent of innovative devices like the Apple iPod and smartphones, Dan became interested in the associated headphone market and in 2008 began working on modifying and improving headphones for personal enjoyment.

In April 2012 he founded MrSpeakers to bring his ideas to market then In 2019 MrSpeakers became Dan Clark Audio, and today is an industry leader in both open and closed planar headphones so please feel free to come into HFL to hear Dan’s headphones and why they are considered some of the best in the world.

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