Brigadier Mu.2 MKII Speakers

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Brigadier/Serhan Mu.2 MKII Speakers – Brigadiers/Serhan Audio are an Australian-based company that makes quite incredible speakers that HFL are really happy to offer our customers. When I first heard the original MKI Mu.2 speaker, I was blown away by the quality, size and sound produced by a stand-mounted speaker. I’m excited to learn that the new generation isn’t just a restyling. Every element has been carefully examined and significantly improved even where many thought no further improvements were possible. In Serhan’s words, “Handcrafted with attention to detail, verging on obsession”. This can only be a good thing for us!

The MKII’S are available in new silk black and white finish options and built 100% in Sydney, including the new multi-layered (super quiet) cabinet.

If you are looking for a natural and musical presentation then you really do owe it to yourself to listen to Brigadiers/Serhan speakers. I know you will be amazed like I am. These are small speakers with a big soul!

Please see the Stereonet review available in the downloads tab.

What’s New?

With its smart new high quality matt black finish or matt white finishes, the mu2 Mk II is much more than just a facelift, it’s a totally new loudspeaker. All elements – cabinet, woofer, tweeter, crossover – have been carefully re-examined and significantly improved, even where many thought no further improvement was possible. Lessons learned from the original mu2 Special Edition (as well as our ongoing research into the effects of vibration on all components) – have been expanded upon, and now been applied to the mu2 Mk II. Constrained layer damping material has been custom manufactured for the mu2 by Les Davis Audio.

While the woofer and tweeter may look the same as the previous model, both have been improved with even flatter response, smoother roll off, and lower distortion. Enhancements to the crossover take full advantage of the above.With 1000’s more hours of listening tests and measurements, the cross-over region and on-axis to off-axis transition are even more seamless and even more difficult to detect (always outstanding features of the original design).The new multi-layer cabinet construction now employs additional layers of differing materials, carefully chosen for composition and thickness, for even further reduction in cabinet noise (vibration), energy storage and coloration. Bracing has been further strengthened.

Of course, the other attributes for which the mu2 is renowned have all been retained.


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