Chord Indigo Digital Tuned ARAY (1m)

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Chord Indigo Digital Tuned ARAY – Since launching in 1985 Chord have grown to become one, if not the worlds most respected cable company offering a range of cables at various different price points, they are known for their quality and service with all their cables hand made in Wiltshire by staff who obsessive about every detail. Chord really are all about the music though, this is the focus for all their designs, it is all about keeping the rhythm and emotion in the music and revealing as much of what the artist wants us to hear as possible, so why not come in to HFL to try Chord Cables and hear how their cables can unleash the true potential of your HiFi system.

The Indigo Digital Tuned ARAY is a completely new cable design that has been inspired and heavily influenced by our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY digital cable.

Like the Sarum, the Indigo Digital uses Tuned ARAY conductor technology, capable of carrying extraordinary levels of detail with what is, frankly, a level of temporal accuracy that few, if any other cables can manage.

What this means is a sense of rhythm and timing that turns a good hifi system into an extraordinary system that plays music with a level of involvement and detail that brings music to life and turns everything you listen to into a genuine musical performance.

The interesting thing here is just what level of equipment should you be using to warrant listening to an Indigo Digital Tuned ARAY?  There isn’t an easy answer in terms of performance; the Indigo Digital Tuned ARAY is knocking on the door of a flagship digital cable, the Sarum Digital Tuned ARAY.  Put either cable with a decent DAC and the benefits are so easy to hear.  An Indigo Tuned ARAY turns a £1,000 DAC into a £2,000 DAC, but compare the combination with a £2,000 DAC and an ordinary digital cable, and the cheaper DAC plus Indigo starts to make a compelling case for itself.

This is the point here; Tuned ARAY cables are very special and need to be listened to.  It’s the only way to find out just how special they are.


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