Chord Signature ARAY Power Cable (1m)

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What HFL Thinks

Chord Signature ARAY Power Cable – Since launching in 1985 Chord have grown to become one, if not the worlds most respected cable company offering a range of cables at various different price points, they are known for their quality and service with all their cables hand made in Wiltshire by staff who obsessive about every detail. Chord really are all about the music though, this is the focus for all their designs, it is all about keeping the rhythm and emotion in the music and revealing as much of what the artist wants us to hear as possible, so why not come in to HFL to try Chord Cables and hear how their cables can unleash the true potential of your HiFi system.

High purity multi-strand copper current and ARAY conductors.

Custom made Chord silver-plated high performance mains plug and IEC connectors, with internal critical area vibration damping.

Dual layer high density braid and foil combination shield.

Available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths.  16 amp mains connectors, custom lengths and other terminations available to order, including Schuko mains plugs.

In More Depth

  • A Chord Company high performance ARAY power cable. Control, coherence and resolution.
  • The Chord Signature ARAY Power Cable is designed to work with all hi-fi and home cinema components.
  • This power cable uses ARAY conductor technology to help improve control and definition throughout the frequency range.
  • This cable is created using a combination of precision machine preparation, meticulous hand assembly and hand testing.
  • Use this cable with all high fidelity and home cinema components, particularly high resolution sources, pre and power amplifiers and high-performance active speakers.

Please call for prices on various different lengths.



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