Copland CTA 405-A Integrated Amplifier

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Copland CTA 405-A Integrated Amplifier – Copland are a Danish company founded in the mid 1980’s by Olé Möller who over the past 30 years have produced valve and solid state amplifiers with their current range focusing on valve amplifiers. Copland products are known for their beautiful minimalist design and for their use of high grade components that have won them many followers amongst the audiophile community and with press alike, winning multiple awards around the world. Please feel free to come in to HiFi Lounge to experience Copland for yourself and to find out why their products are loved by so many across the globe.

The CTA405-A is an integrated valve amplifier with five line-level inputs, including a tape monitor loop, and a built in RIAA phono circuit accommodating moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges.

Copland’s new CTA 405-A stereo vacuum tube integrated amplifier produces is a refinement of the company’s popular CTA 405. The output power of, and basic characteristics of sound, from their new A-model is similar to the previous CTA 405. According to Copland, “However the sound is more powerful driving speakers of low efficiency or impedances at high volume – due to the higher current capacity of the KT120 tubes and the bigger power transformer.”

In order to control and reduce the increased heat from using the KT120 valves, a specially hand-chosen fan running at low speed has been installed inside the amplifier. The noiseless fan is mounted with shock absorbers on a plate made from machined aluminum in order to eliminate unwanted vibrations from being transferred into the chassis.

For owners of the Copland CTA 405, an upgrade kit is available allowing owners of the previous unit to fully upgrade into the A-model. The Copland CTA 405-A has six stereo pairs of RCA inputs that includes a Phonostage, one Tape Out and Record Monitor. Tube compliment is four KT120, two 12BH7, two 6922 and three E83CC. Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 100 kHz with over 95dB signal-to-noise ratio and the unit weights 55 lbs.


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