Devialet Silver Phantom

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What HFL Thinks

Devialet Silver Phantom – What can you say about The Devialet Phantom, firstly it looks stunning, from the packaging to its design, Devialet really have created something very special here. Then you hear it, nothing can quite prepare you for just how good the Phantom sounds, I never thought that a wireless speaker could rival a traditional HiFi Setup but Phantom really does. Packed with all Devialet’s revolutionary technologies like ADH, SAM and Magic Wire, this is cutting edge HiFi that goes down to a stunning 16hz and with up to 3000 watts of power you are never left wanting, please come into HFL today to experience Phantom.

Devialet Phantom – 1200 Watts – 101 DB SPL

Devialet Silver Phantom – 3000 Watts – 105 DB SPL

Devialet Gold Phantom 4500 Wats – 108 DB SPL


Phantom on its own will replace your stereo systems, speakers, docking stations and home-cinema. It exceeds them at least 1.000 times in terms of sound quality, thanks to several extraordinary engineering inventions, among which the ADH Intelligence and the Heart Bass Implosion. Exclusive to and created by Devialet’s acoustical engineering.


Rediscover the music on your smartphones, tablets and computers, 100% wirelessly connected, by Wi-Fi. Phantom can play on its own, or with other Phantoms. In a room, or in the entire house. Alone, or with friends.


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