Final Audio Design Sonorous VI Headphones



  • House: Stainless Steel / ABS
  • Driver Unit: Dynamic Driver + Balance Armature Driver
  • S.P.L: 105db
  • Impedance: 8
  • Length of Cable: 1.5m
  • Weight: approx 480g


Final Audio Design Sonorous VI Closed Back Hybrid Driver Circumaural HiFi Headphones. Final Audio Design’s Sonorous VI headphones have been created to evoke live music excitement with big room sound in your own private headphone space. With hybrid drivers and closed-back, full-size design the Pandora VI unleashes incredible sonic performance with highest wearing comfort.

Sonorous VI incorporates a hybrid driver design combining powerful dynamic drivers and custom-made balanced armature drivers without crossovers. This allows the headphones to offer a balanced sound reproduction with enhanced detail and clarity. The closed earcup design and full-size earpads create superior sound isolation against external noise for a true immersing listening experience.

To ensure the headphones look, feel and sound exceptional, the housing of the Sonorous VI have been crafted by devoted Japanese sound engineers using stainless steel and high-quality polished ABS thermoplastic resin. Highest levels of wearing comfort are guaranteed by the utilisation of supple imitation leather for the headband padding and earpads.


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