MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow Headphones

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What HFL Thinks

MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow – I think everyone knows that we love our headphones at HiFi Lounge, it is such a great way to enjoy your music and it is really exciting that companies can come along like MrSpeakers and shake up the establishment with products that are innovative but most importantly sound amazing. Dan Clark at MrSpeakers has pulled on all his years of experience in Highend Audio to really help move on the headphone market producing headphones that offer excellent design, giving real comfort but more importantly a very natural and open sound so please feel free to come into HiFi Lounge to give MrSpeakers Headphones a try, like many others I know you’ll be impressed.

  • Available With 6 Foot XLR or 6.3mm Jack version cables for £1450
  • Available With 10 Foot XLR or 6.3mm Jack version cables for £1500


ETHER C Flow is MrSpeakers new flagship closed-backed headphone. ETHER C Flow uses TrueFlow technology to improve the performance of the critically acclaimed ETHER C headphone, delivering sumptuous planar magnetic bass and dynamics, with near-electrostatic resolution and an even more “open” and spacious soundstage than ETHER C.

Designed, built and tested in San Diego, CA, ETHER Flow offers a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.

ETHER C Flow includes a DUM (Distinctly Un-Magical) cable with termination of your choice and a backpack-friendly hard-shell carrying case.

NOTE: ETHER C Flow will sport a new carbon fiber pattern.  Photos will be posted by July 24.  While ETHER C has diagonal lines in the carbon weave, ETHER C Flow will have a checkerboard patter so the headphones may be easily distinguished.



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