Musical Fidelity NuVista 600 | Integrated Amplifier

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Musical Fidelity NuVista 600 – Musical Fidelity offers an wide range of HiFi seperates that caters for all tastes, there is the excellent entry level V Series offering unrivalled value for money, the fantastic compact M1 series along with the exceptional M3 and M6 ranges through to the M8 series for state of the art high end HiFi followed by the Signature AMS range and the reference limited edition Titan amplifier, truly something for everyone. Please come into HiFi lounge to experience how Musical Fidelity, With over 30 years experience in building the best British HiFi, will take you closer to the music.

New NuVista 600 integrated amplifier combines technology from several eras in an unprecedented, super integrated Amplifier

The new NuVista 600 integrated amplifier combines technology from several different eras of electronics design.

a)    Nuvistor technology
b)    Semi conductor technology
c)    Surface Mount Design technology
d)    CAD/CAM PCB design
e)    Software control


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