Naim / Focal 10th anniversary limited edition package

Our Price: £28,000.00

What HFL Thinks

So this is a little different, to celebrate 10 years of association together Naim and Focal have created a very limited edition system in a Tin / Aluminium look which traditionally celebrates a 10 year anniversary.

The system consists of the below components making a very nice setup indeed so if you fancy something a little different which will be very limited and is going to sound great and ready to go as a complete solution, plus save a few quid compared to if buying it all separately, then please feel free to get in touch to discuss more –

  • Focal Sopra No2 Speakers in a Light Concrete / Tin finish
  • Naim Nac 282 with NAPSC (Tin Special Finish)
  • Naim HiCap DR Power Supply (Tin Special Finish)
  • Naim NDX 2 Streamer (Tin Special Finish)
  • Naim NAP 250 DR Power Amplifier (Tin Special Finish)
  • Naim Super Lumina Speaker Cable (3m Pair)


United under the umbrella of the VerVent Audio Group since 2011, Focal and Naim are celebrating 10 years together. To commemorate their “tin anniversary”, the brands are releasing a “vintage”, limited edition, high-fidelity system.

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