Naim NAC 282 Preamplifier (Ex-Display)

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What HFL Thinks

Naim NAC 282 Preamplifier – This is our demo model, around 1 year old with very little use, boxed with all accessories, please call for more info.


The NAC 282 preamplifier introduced a new level of technical and musical performance along with elegant styling. Hundreds of hours were spent listening to new designs and topologies, ensuring that the harmony between music and technology was always maintained.

The included NAPSC power supply independently powers the digital and control circuits while the audio circuits are fed either from a NAP 155 XS or NAP 200 power amplifier or from a stand-alone power supply such as the HiCap or SuperCap. The NAC 282 combines truly awe-inspiring sound quality, with user selectable features and flexibility that ensure it will function as the heart of a high quality hi-fi system for many years.


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