Naim Super Lumina Din-Din Interconnect (Ex-Display)

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What HFL Thinks

Naim Super Lumina Din – Din – This is our demo Super Lumina Din – Din interconnect, very little use and boxed as new, please call for more information.

Din-Din to be used from Source to Pre-Amp, Please call for other terminations, ie RCA.

Super Lumina Interconnects High-end Interconnects

During the development of Statement, our flagship amplification system, our engineers realised that they would need to design a whole new range of high-performance cables for it to reach its true potential.

With this in mind they began a development project to design interconnects and speaker cable that would meet Statement standards of performance. Through a deep understanding of material science and after thousands of hours testing in the listening room, the Super Lumina range was born.

Designed to maximise the performance of Statement but equally at home in 500 Series and Classic Series systems, Super Lumina pre to power amp interconnects are available with DIN to XLR, and XLR to XLR terminations. Super Lumina source to preamplifier interconnects are available with DIN to DIN, DIN to RCA, RCA to RCA and RCA to XLR connectors.


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