Pioneer SE Master 1 Headphones

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Pioneer SE Master 1 – Pioneer’s first headphone was launched in 1960, the SE-1, Well now they are back with their SE-MASTER 1 Headphones , These are a Highend Headphone that are hand made in Tokyo by skilled craftsmen and contain many new technologies like an aluminium diaphragm with a ceramic coating, floating drivers to give better separation amongst other things, and along with being very comfortable and beautifully built these are definitely a headphone to consider. So why not come into HFL to give them a try.

Balanced Cable Available for £269

Limitied to 1000 Headphones Worldwide


Pioneer’s history in quality audio equipment began 80 years ago, with the vision of ‘delivering the joy of music to people far and wide’. In 1937, we produced the A-8, the first dynamic speaker to be produced in Japan, and we have been committed to high fidelity sound reproduction ever since. Whether we are making home speakers, car speakers or headphones, our focus is always on the pure, faithful reproduction of sound.

We have been developing and producing ground breaking headphones for more than half a century, starting with the SE-1 headphones in 1960. Now we are writing the next chapter in our long history of technical supremacy and purity in sound design.



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