Pioneer SE-Monitor 5 Closed Back Headphones

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What HFL Thinks

Pioneer SE-Monitor 5 – Pioneer’s first headphone was launched in 1960, the SE-1, Well now they are back with their SE-MASTER 1 Headphones , These are a Highend Headphone that are hand made in Tokyo by skilled craftsmen and contain many new technologies like an aluminium diaphragm with a ceramic coating, floating drivers to give better separation amongst other things, and along with being very comfortable and beautifully built these are definitely a headphone to consider. So why not come into HFL to give them a try.

Start Your Own Hi-Res Audio Tradition

Make a telepathic connection to music with the SE-MONITOR5. As a fully-enclosed dynamic stereo headphone that provides an excellent listening environment, focus is placed on faithful reproduction of Hi-Res Audio formats. Yet Pioneer has voiced them to convey music’s emotional intent for a listening experience that moves mind and soul. Achieving this meant exploring new driver materials, innovating structures that limit resonance, and introducing proven technologies unveiled with our SE-MASTER1 flagship. Blending time-tested approaches with the latest in materials science, these headphones let music unfurl over a vast soundstage with localization, detail, and control that’s captivating. Shipping with balanced and unbalanced cords, the SE-MONITOR5 presents a unique opportunity to reignite your passion for music in comfort and style.


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