SME Model 20/3 Turntable

From: £11,450.00

What HFL Thinks

SME Model 20/3 Turntable – We love our vinyl at HFL and I don’t think there is any question that SME make some of the best turntables in the world today. Until you have experienced the legendary build quality of an SME turntable you really have no idea of the levels and the attention to detail SME go to when developing and building their turntables. They really are designed to last a life time whilst giving a very accurate and musical presentation of your beloved vinyl collection, in all honesty no one makes turntables like SME so please come in to HFL to experience an SME turntable for yourself.

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The Model 20/3 is available in two versions –

MODEL 20/3 – £11,450
equipped for but not including SME precision pick-up arm.

MODEL 20/3A – £15,450
as above but complete with matching SME Series V precision pick-up arm. Complete with a comprehensive set of tools and equipment including Height Setting Gauge, Ø300mm Stroboscopic Disc, Reflex Record Clamp, Record Spindle Washer, Soft Cover and Operating Instruction Manual.

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