The CAD Audio USB Cables


Prices – 

  • USB I – £650
  • USB II – £1250


CAD now offers two USB cables: CAD USB I and CAD USB II

Compared to the original CAD USB cable the new USB Cable I has the following differences:

  • Improved patented filtration on the PCB board that is mounted at the A end of the cable.  The new PCB is a redesigned layout with improved parts and shorter signal path lengths.
  • Materials used in the assembly of the PCB within the cable are different and reduce electrical noise to a much lower frequency range.
  • Both the A & B connectors are made from heavy (10u”) gold plated tellurium copper.  The insulating material within these connectors is now PTFE (Teflon).
  • Ground wire is new.
  • +5V wire is new with even higher noise shielding and lower gauge (thicker) conductor.


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