Whest Audio whestTWO.2

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Whest Audio whestTWO.2 – We really do love our vinyl at HFL so are really pleased to be able to add Whest Audio to our portfolio, a good phono stage is vital to any vinyl system and with Whest Audio this is what they focus on, making the worlds best phono stages, John Henriot is passionate about getting the best performance at any given price point and uses only the best components resulting in phono stages that really do get the best from your collection, offering insight and musicality at their core, so please pop in to HFL to listen to Whest Audio and to hear your vinyl really sing.

It’s just a small whestTHREE Signature

Like all of the Whest Audio designs, the whestTWO.2 has been designed for use primarily for MC (moving coil) use.  This means that to obtain the lowest possible noise levels and highest resolution, we recommend the use of medium to low output MC cartridges.

During its development we used the following cartridges:

Ortofon MC Anna, Denon DL 304 (0.18mv), EMT JSD6 (0.18mv), Lyra Delos (0.6mV) and the Dynavector XV1-T (0.35mV) for much of the listening tests and noise measurements.


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