Spendor Classic STAND


Another one of HFL’s favourites, originally founded in the 1960’s, there isn’t a lot Spendor do not know about speaker design. What we particularly like about Spendor speakers is how accurate, natural and transparent they are, with great detail and imaging.



The Spendor Classic Stand has been created to accompany the bookshelf/stand-mount Spendor Classic loudspeaker. Each stand is designed to place each model to the correct height for the best sound balance in the seated listening position.way Reflex Stand Mount Loudspeakers.


  • Classic 4/5 Stand Classic stand – 795.00 Pair
  • Classic 3/1 Stand Classic stand – 995.00 Pair
  • Classic 2/3 Stand Classic stand – 1,195.00 Pair
  • Classic 1/2 Stand Classic stand – 1,395.00 Pair
  • Classic 100 Stand Classic stand – 1,595.00 Pair