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New Arcam Solo Music and irDAC II Now On Demo!

Hi All,I guess the title says it all really but this week we have taken delivery of the new Arcam Solo Music and irDAC II for demo.Solo MusicThe original Solo Music was before my time as a dealer but I have to say I have been listening to the new version and I have been extremely impressed, basicall ... read more

Prince passes away, this year really sucks + Springsteen Tribute!

Hi All,I just wanted to update this with a tribute Bruce Springsteen did a couple of nights ago, it is just excellent, Nils make the guitar solo look so easy, I’ve got 5 Bruce gigs so far this year so really hope he plays Purple Rain some more -,P ... read more

New Bryston BDA-3 Now On Demo + Other Bryston News!

Hi All,A little bit late this news but we now have Bryston’s new BDA-3 DAC on demo, well we have for a few weeks now, this is Bryston’s most advanced DAC that will decode everything you could possibly want including up to 384kHz / 32 bit PCM music and up to DSDx4 natively, you really can’t ask ... read more