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Devialet Phantom Is Coming - UPDATED!

Hi All Again,Just finished setting up Phantom in the headphone shop, really interesting as they sound very different round there, a far more open and articulate sound, maybe loosing a little bass but with Phantom there is plenty of bass to spare anyway.Anyone who is coming tomorrow and wants to hear ... read more

New Sonus Faber Chameleon Speakers Now On Demo!

Hi All,As everyone knows we love our Sonus Faber speakers at HiFi Lounge, no one makes a speaker that looks as beautiful as Sonus Faber and they still retain their lifelike and organic presentation that really can make the hairs on the back of your next stand up. Well slowly but surely they have bee ... read more

Boys Toys Day - What Can I Say - FINAL Update With More Pictures!

Hi All,I just wanted to make one more post regarding our Boys Toys Day, I have been forwarded some amazing pictures over the last week, when I get a chance I will sit down and compile an album of the day but I just wanted to put a couple of links below to 2 more albums, one from Dave Yuen and the ot ... read more