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Highend Headphones Showroom Launch Party + NAS14 - UPDATED AGAIN!

Highend Headphones Launch Event September 27th! Yet another update! It has been a bit of a frantic week trying to get everything organised ready for the National Audio Show this weekend but we are nearly there. After taking a big HiFi rig to last years National Audio show the idea this year was to ... read more

Obravo HAMT-1 Headphones On Demo, Offering Something Very Different!

Hi All, Now I have to admit that until last Friday I had never heard of the Obravo HAMT-1 headphones but when Ricardo from Absolute Sounds came in last Friday saying that he had found a new headphone that he thought was amazing, well I just had to have a listen. Where the HAMT-1 stands on its own is ... read more