Chord Electronics One CD Player

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Chord One – I think it is fair to say that there is no other audio brand out there quite like Chord Electronics, offering highend audio products with unique styling and stunning build quality which are all hand built in the UK in rural Kent. Possibly best known for their DAC’s they also offer a range of highend components. With customers like Skywalker Sound, Air Studios, and Even Sir Paul McCartney on their books along with stunning reviews that their equipment gets you can be sure that Chord really do offer some of the best products currently available today. So whatever you are after please pop into HFL to find out how Chord Electronics can enhance your music listening.

A compact size shouldn’t fool you, the One uses technology derived from our flagship Red Reference CD Player and an outstanding internal DAC, quite simply the One sets an entry level precedent.

One of a kind, the One CD player from our stylish Choral range, home of the legendary DAVE DAC/headphone amp, is a beautifully designed disc player with all the Chord Electronics sound and build quality trademarks you’d come to expect. The One is our entry-level CD player and remains the most affordable way to into Chord CD player ownership. In keeping with our flagship Blu transport, the One retains our unique, professionally die-cast top-loading disc mechanism, setting it apart from the conventional.

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