dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport II

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dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport II – dCS are just from up the road in Cambridge and have been pushing what is possible from digital playback for over 25 years now, whether that be CD or more likely nowadays computer audio and streaming, they focus on precision and accuracy to make the music sound as real as possible, known for their Ring DAC technology and their 4 box Legendary Vivaldi system dCS are real innovators in the digital domain so please come into HFL to hear digital music like never before.

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dCS Vivaldi Transport II

At dCS we strive to create flexible audio systems that support a multitude of use cases and provide an outstanding musical experience for all listeners, whatever their preferences and tastes.

This includes doing all we can to support various forms of digital playback, from streaming to spinning discs. Whilst digital streaming is now ubiquitous, we know there are many audiophiles who prefer listening to Super Audio CDs in their native DSD format (a format that is not currently available through any streaming service). We also know that many listeners have amassed collections of rare CD recordings, many of which are not presently accessible on streaming platforms.

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