Townshend Enigma Preamplifier

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What HFL Thinks

Townshend Enigma – At HiFi Lounge we are really pleased to offer Townshend Audio products as they really do make a difference and will really help to get the best out of your HiFi System. Isolation is one area that can be really overlooked as a system is being put together but by adding any of the Townshend Audio products you will help unleash the true potential of your system as it will isolate it from any negative vibration that can really degrade sound quality so please come into HFL to hear the difference Townshend Audio can make to your system.

Introducing a remarkably versatile, ultra-high performance pre-amplifier, combined with an extremely high-quality solid-state, class A headphone amplifier, all with a separate power supply.

Featuring a hand-built 72 (0.85dB) step volume control, the Enigma is a definitive electro-mechanical device of unparalleled performance, incorporating a unique auto-transformer design, fully utilizing Townshend’s proprietary F1 Fractal™ wire technology. It Is absolutely transparent, with vanishingly low distortion and zero noise.


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