10% Off REL Subwoofers For This Saturday’s Open Day!

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off small off sign png

Hi All,

Really looking forward to this Saturday’s REL open day although it is looking like it may be a bit of a hot day so using the downstairs demo rooms with all the glass could get a little warm in the afternoon once the sun comes over, it does meant that we will have the BBQ running though so be nice to use the gardens and enjoy the weather.

This is just a quick one to say that REL are going to offer a 10% discount for any of their subs that are bought on the day so if you are thinking of adding a sub to your system then there is certainly a great opportunity here to save a few quid.

The plan is still to run a modest system in our upstairs room, then in our first downstairs room we will run either a S/510 or S/812 with something a little higher end then with our Wilson Alexx V’s we will be running a stereo pair of Carbon Specials which I have no doubt will sound amazing.

Thanks to everyone who has registered so far, looks like it is going to be a busy day, if you’d like to come and haven’t registered it isn’t too late, just fire a quick mail over to me at the below address, ta –




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