YG Acoustics

HFL on YG Acoustics

Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in the high-end audio industry. At its core is a passion for music which is reflected in their speakers. YG Acoustics drive is to recreate the emotional magic of a live performance pushing the boundaries of audio technology, innovation and design.

YG loudspeakers bring together the very latest in science and technology. They are built from the highest performance materials, manufactured in-house to an unprecedented precision. They deliver exceptional measurements: huge frequency bandwidth, exceptional phase coherence, enormous dynamic range and vanishingly low distortion. More importantly, they provide the clearest of windows into the performance. They communicate every nuance of emotion, every musical cue from the tiniest micro-detail through to the physical impact of the most thunderous crescendo. You simply need to hear them in action! Here at the HFL we do love a speaker and YG Acoustics are no exception. We have a selection available to demo, so why not pop in and have a listen.