German Physiks

HFL on German Physiks

German Physiks have been making some of the best omnidirectional loudspeakers since 1992. Designed and manufactured in Germany the full range of loudspeakers embody the same DDD driver which eliminates the crossover point in the mid-range. The DDD driver also has a wide frequency range typically, from 200Hz to 24Khz and is phase linear across this bandwidth. All frequencies in its operating range radiate evenly through 360 degrees around the loudspeaker in a horizontal plane producing a stereo image you can enjoy from a wide range of positions in the listening room. Omnidirectional loudspeakers have gone from a curiosity that few people were aware of and even fewer had heard to a class of loudspeakers that you will find at almost any audio show and offer a different approach to the traditional two-way set-up. We have a selection of German Physiks Loudspeakers available to demo, so if you are open to this immersive experience, please get in touch.

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