Sonus Faber

HFL on Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber were formed in Italy in 1983 by Franco Serblin and over the last 30 years I think it is fair to say that Sonus Faber have designed some of the most stunning speakers the audio world has ever seen, even before they make a sound It’s hard not to be won over by the beauty of Sonus Faber speakers, luckily they sound as good as they look. They base their speaker design on 3 main areas, driver development, which can take up to several years for a new product, but this allows for a very simple crossover design which maximises the drivers and then there is the stunning real wood cabinets. Sonus Faber’s are hand built mixing old world virtues with the latest technology to create stunningly musical speakers with a passion for music at their core. We have a large range on demo so please pop in but be prepared to be seduced by the beauty of Sonus Faber.