Koetsu Cartridges

HFL on Koetsu Cartridges

Koetsu offer some of the most respected and highly sought after cartridges in the world today which are held in great esteem and are loved by many audiophiles all over the world, many saying that they are the best available at any price. The founder of Koetsu, Yoshiaki Sugano, passed away in 2002 at the age of 95, but not before grooming his son to carry on the art of producing Koetsu Cartridges which are all hand made using some of the finest materials available and only produced in small numbers, the attention to detail really is something else, meaning that we still get to enjoy Koetsu cartridges today. If you want to experience the realism of Vinyl then Koetsu is the choice of many vinyl aficionado’s around the world.