Bryston Announce the BR-20 Preamp / DAC / Streamer!

BR silver lifestyle scaled

BR silver lifestyle scaled

Hi All,

So this is a pretty exciting news from Bryston as they have just announced the new BR-20 Preamp which also includes a Highend DAC + Streamer, now I’ve always thought that Bryston’s Pre’s were incredible value for money for the performance you got and considering this is, according to Bryston, their best preamp yet but includes the DAC + Streamer for £7500 then needless to say that I ordered one for demo straight away.

The real beauty of this product is that you could partner with a Bryston 4B3 stereo amp, one of the best out there, to create a really high performance 2 box system which is a trend we are seeing at the moment, customer’s don’t want to sacrifice quality but a simpler solution can be really appealing.

You can also add an optional HDMI board and Phono Stage and needless to say it will be Roon compatible giving you the ultimate streaming solution.

Our demo model is due next month so if you’d like more info or to book an appointment for a demo once here please feel free to get in touch, please find a bit of blurb below from Bryston –

Introducing the Bryston BR-20 – a 14 input preamplifier, DAC and streamer which acts as a complete front-end solution, combining the best of Bryston’s technologies into one ultra high-performance audiophile hub.

Named in honour of Bryston’s president, Brian Russell, who passed away in September 2020, the BR-20 is the most advanced combination of analogue and digital functionality in the 50-plus year history of the Bryston brand.’



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