Christmas Break Vinyl Indulgence!

Hi all,

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a great Festive period, I had a rare 10 days at home so decided to take home a system that I wanted to test in our very small 200 year old snug as I am planning to set that up as an intimate listening room once the builders have finished sorting out the damp, it will be vinyl only and a total contrast to our PMC BB5 SE room, so I took home the DeVore Fidelity O/Baby speakers and partnered them with the Audio Research I/50 amp, Rega Planar 8 and Chord Symphonic Phono Stage, I wanted to keep it all well matched without going too bonkers on cost, firstly to see how the room coped acoustically and would I be happy at this level or would I constantly be thinking about upgrading.

I posted daily updates on Social Media on my vinyl choices so I thought I would quickly post it all on here for anyone who doesn’t do social, I did fire up the BB5’s at one point though as I really wanted to hear the Atmos mix of Peter Gabriel’s i/o album on the new Reference Magnetar UDP900 Universal player + try some other SACD’s as well as the David Bowie documentary ‘Moonage Daydream’ I highly recommend this if you are a Bowie fan.

I must admit firstly the system sounded amazing in this room, I mean really amazing, to a point where I actually couldn’t imagine it sounding any better although like everyone who is into HiFi I did start wondering what a Planar 10 or even the Naia would sound like and could I actually fit in the DeVore O/96’s but in reality I should just go with this system once all the work is finished as I spent hours in that room listening to around 4 albums a day, more if I had the time, certainly been a while since I have listened to that much music, it was so much fun.

Now we just need to get the room finished so I can install is all permanently.

Please find my vinyl selection below –




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