Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) Now At HFL!

Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick blog to say that we are delighted to have now added Harmonic Resolution Systems, or HRS as they are more commonly known, to our portfolio. HRS are widely believed to offer some of the best HiFi Racks, Amp Stands and Noise Isolation products in the world, when you go to any HiFi Show most of the Highend Brands run HRS which speaks volumes about their quality really.

Where HRS really win is their use of their own custom materials developed to eliminate any noise a HiFi Component will make hence lowering the ever important noise floor, whether than be a rack, isolation platform or their impressive damping plates, please find a bit more information from the HRS website below-

‘Harmonic Resolution Systems is comprised of a team of skilled engineers, dedicated craftsmen, and product support specialists with hundreds of years of  experience in design, development, production, sales, and distribution of noise-reduction components and systems that brings the magic of your favorite music and movies to life in your home. These skills are utilized with passion at HRS to create products with exceptional performance and of the highest quality.

Skilled craftsmen using proprietary techniques and precision machinery produce our products. These craftsmen have a detailed understanding of manufacturing precision components and the quality systems required for producing the very highest quality products with consistent sonic results every time. They also hand finish and personally inspect every individual component. Modern technology combined with old world craftsmanship and values goes into every HRS product.’

There really is no denying the quality of an HRS product once you see and feel it, we have their new EXR Audio Stand and SXR Amp stand on permanent demo in our so called ‘Highend Room’ + one of their isolation bases under our dCS Lina stack in our headphone room.

It wasn’t part of the plan when I decided we needed a Higher End stand solution and decided on HRS to change the room round but once I saw the quality and heard the difference the HRS products made I decided to totally change our Highend Room around and put the HRS EXR stand at the front just for sources and Pre’s to make the room much more focused rather than having the much bigger stand we used to have at the front of the room loaded with various kit, I wish I had done it before as for one it has really helped get more performance from our top end kit like dCS and D’Agostino but it helps make the room look much more focused as you know exactly what you are running, it is like we have gone from a big fat overweight Rolls Royce to a much more focused and better performing Caterham.

If you feel you would like to discuss the benefits HRS could make in your system please feel free to get in touch anytime.

Please find HRS on our website below and a few pictures of our new EXR rack and SXR amp stand.





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