Introducing The Revolutionary CI SERIES range From Naim!

Hi All,

Just a quick blog to introduce the revolutionary CI SERIES range from Naim, which includes the CI-UNITI 102, CI-NAP 108, and CI-NAP 101. These innovative solutions are designed to blend seamlessly into any living space, enhancing your audio experience across all media, such as television, gaming consoles, and streamers. With these products, you can enjoy outstanding sound quality that will transform your listening experience.

The Naim CI Series has been designed to be the perfect complement to audio systems in the Integration market, and in particular to Focal integrated loudspeakers. These amplifiers combine power, versatility, compactness and ease of use, so you can experience an audio solution that’s as discreet as it is powerful.

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CI-NAP 101 – Power amplifier

The CI-NAP 101 is an ultra-quiet mono power amplifier compatible with 70V/100V lines. Compact and rack-mountable for easy, discreet installation, it is ideal for powering subwoofers or integrated hi-fi speakers with high power requirements. Offering exceptional audio quality, it can also operate at low or high impedance, or can be combined with an audio-video processor for bespoke but ultimate installations.

CI-Uniti 102 – All-in-one Streamer & Amplifier

The CI-Uniti 102 is a streamer-amplifier combining musical performance and versatility. Its mission: to fit discreetly into your living space, indoors or out, to amplify Focal integrated speakers and transform audio from all media (TV, streaming music platforms, video game consoles, etc.). Thanks to its integrated DSP, it allows complete calibration of systems and can be interconnected with the CI-NAP 108 and CI-NAP 101, adapting to all situations and offering sensational audio installations.

CI-NAP 108 – 8-Channel Power Amplifier

The CI-NAP 108 is an 8-channel power amplifier designed to be the perfect complement to an integrated audio installation, in particular Focal in-wall hi-fi speakers. When combined with the CI-Uniti 102, it can be used to address several speakers in different rooms or amplify eight separate audio streams thanks to its local inputs for each amplified channel. It is the ultimate amplification solution for a system synonymous with uncompromising power and sound quality.



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