Mission statement


2018 Thoughts, 6 Years On!

I have just been reading our ‘About Us’ Page for the first time since originally written in the summer of 2012 a couple of months before HFL’s launch, basically it was our mission statement about what we wanted to achieve with HFL and looking back I would say that we have stuck to our original goal of offering a relaxed environment to audition and listen to HiFi equipment with no pressure sales so you make an informed, not a rushed decision, although I must say that we have probably got a few more brands than I intended back in 2012, when we launched with 5 brands, although saying that, all the brands we represent I really believe in and we stand strong in the belief that we will only sell the brands we believe in and would personally own ourselves.

A Huge Thank You!

So here we are in 2018, 6 years on, which is a miracle in itself as when we started HFL I really did think that it would probably only survive for a couple of years as we had the money in the bank to cover the rent for that period but I thought it it may lead to another job in the HiFi Industry, I think Wendy was a little more confident than me :-) So bearing this in mind firstly myself and Wendy would like to send a massive thank you out to all our customer’s who have bought from us over the last 6 years and helped establish HiFi Lounge as part of the UK HiFi Community, I am fully aware that everything we sell is a luxury and not essential to anyone so I am always grateful when someone decides to buy anything from us as to be fair everything we sell is expensive.

Over the last 6 years we have really met some great people and have made a lot of friends, for me this is the best part of the job, as everyone who comes in shares a common love of music so straight away that breaks down any barriers and instantly you are talking as if you have known each other for years, it is definitely our customer’s that make running HFL so much fun, so a big thank you again as I am convinced we have the best customers in the UK :-)

5 Years Of Expansion!

So looking back over those 5 years since 2012 I never could have thought we would have taken on another 3 buildings and expanded as we have, we started with the original HFL Granary building with me working on my own as Wendy kept her job as a computer engineer to help pay the bills, then 2 years later we started to think about opening a dedicated headphone shop so Wendy quit her job to become the headphone mistress in 2014 and we took on building No2 and launched ‘Highend Headphones’ then finally the 2 buildings that linked HFL and HH became available at the end of 2016 which seemed like fate really as HFL was desperately running out of space so the work began in January 2017 with the ‘Naim Lounge’ being finished first and our ‘Highend Lounge’ finishing shortly after. I have to say that it does feel like we are pushing our luck as taking on these new units but we seem to keep getting away with it so long may it continue :-)

What Does The Next 6 Years Have In Store?

So I am sitting here writing this in August 2018 wondering what on earth the next 6 years can have ahead for us, for me it really is just a matter of doing what we have done for the last 6 years, well without all the work taking on more buildings :-) so basically continuing to offer a relaxed environment where people would like to come to audition their HiFi and headphones, still holding fun open days and most importantly focusing on the simple things like customer service and as cliched as it sounds always putting the music first. I would like to think over the last 6 years we have put together a portfolio of brands and products that can suit all budgets and offers something for everyone who loves music but I have learnt never to say never to adding any new brands if they can offer something new and exciting.

So once again a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us and please keep in touch and look forward to seeing you over the next 6 years.
Original MIssion Statement from 2012

At HiFi Lounge we like to think that we are offering something a little different from the average HiFi dealerships, for a start we are not located on a busy high street or retail park, instead we are situated in the heart of the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside in an award winning, eco friendly, converted Granary with beautiful views and ample parking. This means that you can stay as long as you need without the need of having to rush off half way through a demo to put more money in the meter, which in turn means there are no time constraints, spend as much time as needed, resulting in no costly or rushed decisions.

The thinking behind HiFi Lounge was to create a listening environment much like you would have at home, not to create a retail shop with demo rooms. We believe when demoing HiFi you should have the opportunity to hear the equipment as close as you would at home. We understand that all rooms are different but hopefully we have fulfilled our original goal as best we can.

We are almost trying to turn the clock back at HiFi Lounge to a time when the customer always came first, to a time before retail parks and the internet. OK we can't do anything about the dreaded MP3 but we can guarantee that we will always return your call, answer your e-mails and will always be available to speak to you personally to answer any questions you may have.

What we do ...

We have decided to concentrate on 2 channel HiFi as that is where our passion lies and to only sell the brands that we believe in, brands that we have personally chosen for our own systems at home. That way we can specialise in those brands we are passionate about and have spent our own money on rather than trying to offer everything for everyone but specialising in nothing, which in turn means we will share the enthusiasm you have with the products you are interested in as they are the brands we believe in too.

We also wanted to create a relaxed environment where our customers would feel welcome to just pop in and chew the fat about the latest talk in the world of HiFi and listen to some of the most exciting HiFi equipment available. At the end of the day it is our passion for HiFi that made us start this venture in the first place and there is nothing we enjoy more than talking and demoing to like-minded enthusiasts, so if you are passing please do just pop in for a look, a listen and a coffee.

We will be running music evenings and events so please come back to the website regularly to see what we are planning next, whether you are interested in streaming, vinyl, headphones or even the occasional movie, hopefully we will have something for you.

Where we are ...

We are based in the village of Dunton, Bedfordshire, 3 mins off the A1. We are extremely easy to find, please feel free to just pop in or if you would like to ring ahead to book a demo please do.

Thanks for visiting our website, please come again.....

Paul & Wendy.