New Rega Naia Turntable Now On Demo, Moving The Game On!

Hi All,

So we have been waiting for the new Reference Rega Naia turntable for a while but I am pleased to say that our demo model is now with us and after spinning a couple of albums this morning it has certainly been worth the wait giving that really engaging Rega vinyl sound but with more clarity, depth and openness, my first impression were ‘Wow, that is a big sound’ so can’t wait to try some of my other vinyl I know well later.

Basically Rega have taken everything they learnt when developing their £35k Naiad turntable and bought it to the Naia, I guess with Rega being 50 years old this year you could say that the Naia has 50 years of R&D behind it, it is a very advanced design bringing new materials to turntables like Graphene Impregnated Carbon Fibre for the plinth + their most advanced Tonearm ever made which is made from one piece Titanium, then there is the ceramic platter and bracing used, then The Naia uses a custom aluminium sub-platter with a spindle and central bearing manufactured from ZTA (zirconium toughened alumina) not to mention their new reference power supply so as you can see their is a lot of high quality materials and new tech here.

We have the Rega Aphelion 2 cartridge fitted to our Naia as I can see that being a very popular combination, at the moment I have it hooked up to our Naim 300 Series system which is a great match so if you would like to come in for a listen at any point please feel free to book an appointment to bring some records in for a good listening session.

In the meantime please find a few pics of the unboxing below and a link to the Naia on our website –



Rega Naia Reference Turntable

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