Analog Relax – EX300 Phono Cartridge

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EX300 – Analog Relax looked to Romania for the body of the EX500, which is made of the finest hard maple, found primarily in that country. Just as the EX2000 pays homage to Stradivarius, so does the wood of the EX500 acknowledge the neck backboards of the finest violins which are fashioned from this maple.


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EX300 Phono Cartridge – AR-MCC-EX300

Analog Relax is insistent about the use of wood for its cartridge bodies, employed in all their models including the entry-level EX300. The housing of the EX300 was carefully selected from solid walnut, which is the wood sometimes used for guitars for its tonal characteristics. The body consists of a particular high-grade walnut which is often used for the neck, back and sides of a guitar, hewn from solid. By using natural beeswax for finishing, a deep colour unique to walnut is created, adding to the overall desirability of the EX300. EX300 can reproduce all genres of music with equanimity, from jazz to orchestral, unplugged to amplified. Its personality is characterised by exceptional retrieval of detail and the conveying of power, notable especially for establishing a solid foundation in the mid to low frequency range.


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