CAD Audio Transport (1TB SSD)

Please Call For Price

CAD was one of the first companies to produce a high-end audio transport/server.  The reason we developed an audio transport was when our USB only 1543 DAC was first released over 8 years ago the only option was to use a standard computer/laptop or Mac Mini with our 1543 DAC.  There were no servers at all on the market.  Way back in 2015 the CAT won the Editor’s Choice award at HiFi+ Magazine and it had been on the market for a couple years at that point.

The new CAT has just been released and is 100% new on the inside.  There is not a single component or even wire inside the new CAT that was in the previous version.  We have spent many years learning and perfecting the deeply complex hardware and software issues that are important for influencing sound quality in audio servers/computers.  There are now many good servers on the market, but if you are looking for the very best please contact CAD or any of our dealers.


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