Chord – Anni Desktop Integrated Amplifer

Our Price:£1,300.00

Chord Anni Integrated desktop amplifier – I think it is fair to say that there is no other audio brand out there quite like Chord Electronics, offering highend audio products with unique styling and stunning build quality which are all hand built in the UK in rural Kent. Possibly best known for their DAC’s they also offer a range of highend components. With customers like Skywalker Sound, Air Studios, and Even Sir Paul McCartney on their books along with stunning reviews that their equipment gets you can be sure that Chord really do offer some of the best products currently available today. So whatever you are after please pop into HFL to find out how Chord Electronics can enhance your music listening.

Key features of ANNI:

  • Compact CNC-milled chassis
    (Robust high-grade aluminium)
  • Dual-feed-forward error-correction topology
    (Correcting any distortion in the signal by the amplifier)
  • 10 W of ULTIMA amplification
    (Capable of driving any headphones as well as powering compact loudspeakers with error-monitoring)
  • Two-stage gain control
    (Provides extra flexibility with a wide range of desktop monitors)
  • QUTEST range power adaptor
    (Used to power Qutest and Huei from a single power source when used as a full system)


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