Dan D’agostino Progression Integrated Amplifier


Dan D’agostino Progression Integrated Amplifier – There really is nothing like the Dan D’Agostino range of amplifiers and Preamplifiers both in looks and sound quality, they just scream Highend Audio, many will know Dan from his creations at Krell but once he started his own company bearing his own name he took his designs to the next level both is sound quality and design, from the Classic Series all the way up to the incredible Relentless Mono Amplifiers they are designed to make music that connects and moves you emotionally to take you closer to what the original artists intended so please feel free to come into HFL truly appreciate the warmth, detail and unmatched beauty of the Dan D’Agostino range of HiFi components.


  • Integrated Amplifier (200/400W into 8/4 ohms), 2 SE-I, 4 Bal-I, Black/Silver – £18,500
  • PHONO BOARD – Fitted with optional MC/MM Phono board for Progression Integrated – £20,750
  • DIGITAL BOARD – Fitted with optional Digital Card for Progression Integrated, supporting files up to DSD256 and 24bit/192K PCM accuracy. 2 SPDIF coaxial,2 Optical, USB-A, USB-B, and RJ-45 inputs, Roon music management with Tidal, Qobuz, and MQA, Black/Silver – £24,000
  • Fitted with both the above DIGITAL BOARD + PHONO BOARD – £26250


The Progression Integrated combines the elegance and detail retrieval of the Progression Preamplifier with the power and dynamic capability of the Progression amplifier topology housed in a chassis the exudes the D’Agostino aesthetic. Built on a modular platform, the Progression Integrated fills every need of today’s music listener and audiophile. The analog platform provides two single ended inputs and three balanced inputs including a theater pass through. Balanced preamplifier outputs make for convenient inclusion of subwoofer(s) into a system. The Bluetooth Remote control connectivity, first used in the Progression and Momentum HD Preamplifiers, is included as part of the base package. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates line of sight issues and extends the usable range 5x versus conventional IR remote controls.


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