DeVORE FIDELITY – The Twenty Limited Edition Speakers


DeVORE FIDELITY – The Twenty – We are really pleased to be able to offer DeVore Fidelity Speakers to our customers as I really feel they bring something truly unique to the speaker market, as an example the Orangutan 0/96’s have a breathless, airy and spacious sound like nothing I have heard before, totally captivating and engaging, yes they look exquisite but it is the sound they produce that will leave a lasting mark on you and will make you want to play all your music again as it will be like hearing it for the first time all over again, if you’d like to hear a pair for yourself please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment.


1 Pair In Stock!

These are very special with only Twenty Pairs being available Worldwide to commemorate DeVore Fidelity’s 20th Anniversary.

1 Pair left in the world which we have in stock.

We have recently sold No 19 and have pair No 18 in stock for immediate delivery at our shop, never opened in a stunning Burl Walnut similar to the picture here, please get in touch for more information.

Please find more information below as described by John DeVore – 

The Twenty will use the O/Reference tweeter and a new woofer built in the O/Reference bronze chassis, but with the motor system from the O/96 woofer. Bronze port tubes and a numbered bronze badge. O/Reference level crossover parts and construction. No upcharges for exotic veneers or finishes, even on the cabinets. These are going to be stunning, I can’t wait to start these builds!