Empire Ears VALKYRIE MKII In-Ears

Our Price:£1,499.00

A thorough and no compromise approach has led us to the evolution of our very first tribrid IEM, the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie MKII is the latest in a distinguished bloodline of evolved, powerful and detailed IEMS. Equipped with a proprietary tribrid driver design and a reengineered 4-way synX crossover network the Valkyrie MKII showcases exhilarating highs from the electrostatic driver, lifelike vocals from the balanced armature and unrivaled bass response from our next gen W9+ subwoofer.

With a stunning design, extraordinary performance and advanced technology the Valkyrie MKII is crafted to deliver breathtaking listening sessions.

Main Features

  • Dragonhide faceplate design
  • Next generation 9mm W9+ subwoofer
  • Proprietary balanced armature driver
  • Premium electrostatic driver
  • 4-way synX crossover network
  • EIVEC eletrostatic control technology
  • Anti-resonance compound (ARC) treated chassis
  • Alpha Hybrid-IV 26AWG UPOCC copper/silver 4-wire cable


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