German Physiks – Unlimited

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German Physiks – Unlimited – At HFL, we couldn’t be happier to present the German Physiks Loudspeaker range to our customers. If you want an immersive listening experience, try an omnidirectional loudspeaker. With each model embodying its unique DDD driver technology, you can rest assured that the level of quality is consistent throughout the entire range. The DDD driver produces a phase-cohesive response with a wide soundstage which is incredibly musical and detailed. Omnidirectional speakers have become a popular choice among audiophiles and really do stand out from the crowd. We have a selection of German Physiks Loudspeakers on demo, so please feel free to come into the HFL to experience something a little different.

The Unlimited Ultimate and Unlimited Carbon Loudspeakers

When the Unlimited was introduced in 2011 it set a new standard for accuracy and neutrality. In the intervening years we have steadily improved the Unlimited’s performance to ensure that this position was maintained

Less Is More

Both versions use exactly the same DDD driver as all our other models, including our Euro 250,000 flagship Gaudi, so will give the listener more than just a taste of the musical nirvana that our higher end models can provide.

The Unlimited employs a single carbon fibre DDD driver mounted on top of a compact floor standing cabinet, with a downward firing 8-inch woofer mounted in the base. This provides the famous German Physiks trademark dynamics, transparency and musicality.


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“It is hard not to love the immersive, widescreen sound served up by the German Physiks Unlimited Ultimate. With brilliant spatial accuracy, it suits classical music down to a tee, but works very well across all music types because of its speed and grip.”
hifi choice, june 2015

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“The unique bending wave principle gives the Limited 11* sonic characteristics that are almost beyond compare. Exhibiting a perfect spatial reproduction, an honest tonality and an astonishing naturalness, these speakers definitely are something very special for connoisseurs of a sophisticated music reproduction – a true‚ Highlight‘!”
HiFi Vision, 2011

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