Transparent Magnum Opus Generation 6 Cable Install.

Hi Everyone,

So this is a first, an install blog for some speaker and XLR cables, I must admit when I started HFL that I never thought I’d drive nearly 2 hours to install some cables but but these are not just any old cables but arguably the best in the world, the Transparent Magnum Opus Generation 6 cables which have just come out, these are actually serial number 0002 so if the manufacturer keeps 0001 for themselves this will be the first pair in the world, I’m a big cable believer so I was rather excited by this install to say the least.

Needless to say cables at this level were going on a rather nice system, basically a D’Agostino amp with Magico S7 speakers, I have heard this system a fair bit over the last year or so and I have to say I really have never heard it sound anywhere near this good once the cables where installed, incredible resolution, transparency and amazing bass control, I know something like this is out of most peoples reach but if you can and you have a system to appreciate them then I would say you should at least give them a try as they really will get the best from your HiFi.

In other Transparent Generation 6 news, we now have our so called Reference System cabled up with the new Generation 6 Transparent Reference cables so please feel free to come in for a listen anytime.

Anyway please find some pictures below from the install and a link below to Transparent on our website –



Transparent Magnum Opus Speaker Cables 

Transparent Magnum Opus Balanced Cables

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