Transparent Reference Cables Now On Demo!

Hi All,

As we continue to up the specification of our main system in our so called ‘Highend Room’ I am really pleased to now have a full loom of Transparent Reference Cables here in preparation of the last 2 pieces of the jigsaw to arrive, I think it is fair to say that when it comes to High-end Cables Transparent rule the roost so it really is great to be able to now have a full set on permanent demo, this little lot comes to around £50k which is Transparents Mid level, you can spend much more but I think it is also worth mentioning that they also do speaker cables and interconnects starting from only £145 so they really do cater for all audiophile budgets out there, saying that for the very best in Transparent there is their Magnum Opus range where as an example a 2.5m pair of speaker cable will set you back over £70,000, Gulp.

Anyway I can’t wait to get them all hooked up, for any Transparent enquiries or prices please feel free to get in touch.



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