Naim Lounge Launch Event April 22nd Hear The Naim Statement With PMC BB5 SE’s!

posted on Sat, 18 Mar 2017 12:02:44

Hi All,

Well with the fitting out of the new showrooms really gathering pace now I feel confident enough to announce the launch event for our new Naim Lounge on April 22nd, no going back now :-)

Basically the plan is to hook up the Naim Statement with a pair of PMC BB5 SE’s speakers to create a very special system indeed that will most definitely test the acoustics of the new rooms but if we do our job properly should sound spectacular.

We will have representatives from both Naim Audio and PMC Speakers on hand to help run the day and answer any questions you may have as well as refreshments throughout the day.

Hear the new Uniti Range!

I think it is fair to say that the Naim Statement may be a bit on the expensive side for a lot of people so I am really pleased to announce that we will also have the new Naim Uniti Range on display and will be showcasing it in one of our other demo rooms so all being well you will be able to hear the Uniti Atom, Star and Nova hooked up to the new PMC Twenty5 Series speakers, this will be one of the first listenings outside of Audio Shows so I can see this being equally as popular as the Statement room to be honest.

So please put April 22nd in you calendar and feel free to come along to help us celebrate a new chapter in HiFi Lounge’s journey with the launch of our new Naim Lounge and get a chance to hear one of the best HiFi Setups available today.

The day will start from 9am and will go one until late so look forward to seeing you on April 22nd. Hopefully the so called ‘Highend Room’ will also finished so you’ll be able to look round this but we will be doing a different launch event for this shortly after.

If you are thinking of coming along please just fire me over a quick e-mail so we can get a rough idea on numbers to -

If you fancy ordering a Statement and a pair of PMC BB5 SE’s anytime you can find a couple of links below for prices :-)

Naim Statement

PMC BB5 SE Speakers

Video Walkthrough from HiFi Lounge to Highend Headphones!

To try something different I did a walkthrough video last week once it was possible to walk internally between HiFi Lounge and Highend Headphones so if you’d like a look please click on the below link, I must apologise in advance for the poor quality, Steven Spielberg I am not :-)

Many Thanks,



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Join Us @ Head-Fi Meet 2nd April in Milton Keynes!

posted on Thu, 16 Mar 2017 11:07:39

Hi all,

Just wanted to give everyone a headsup that we are sponsoring a Head-Fi meet in Milton Keynes on 2nd April, we will be taking a long a selection of amp and headphones for people to try but the great thing about these meets is that fellow enthusiasts bring their headphone rigs along for others to listen to so I am personally looking forward to see and hear what some guys bring along.

10% Off

We will be offering 10% off any headphone products purchased at the show so hope to see you there.

More details below -

UK Head-Fi Meet 2017

Date - Sunday, April 2nd

Time - 10:00 - 17:00 (approx)

If people are bringing gear then they can arrive from 09:00 to set up. 


Holiday Inn Milton Keynes East

London Road

Newport Pagnell

MK16 0JA

Head-Fi Discussion thread with all the details:



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Video Walkthrough from HiFi Lounge to Highend Headphones!

posted on Sat, 11 Mar 2017 09:36:48

Hi All,

Thought I’d try something different for a change and do a small video as on Thursday we finally broke through into Highend Headphones so no more cold walks outside and through the car park to go from HFL to HH so please see below for the internal walk through from HFL to HH.

I must admit it isn’t the best quality video, for the next one I won’t swing the camera around so much and will try and keep my hand steadier but it will give you the idea :-)

I would actually like to do some more video’s in the future but the trouble is being stuck on a farm it means our internet is painfully slow so it took me 8 hours to upload this video but I think we may be getting satellite internet soon so hopefully that will be a little quicker.

Anyway onto the video with my rubbish commentary :-)

Also we put our first piece of HiFi into one of the new rooms on Wednesday to see if the ARC Ref 75 would sit on the Quadraspire X Reference OK, luckily it just fits :-)


So the following week is going to be full on finishing off the electrics and decorating as the carpet is being fitted the following week as we found out also that the new sofa’s are being delivered the same week, it is almost as if we had planned this to perfection as it is all coming along quite nicely but in reality we have just bumbled through it all :-)

If you’d like to see a couple of blogs I wrote regarding the expansion please click on the below links, thanks -



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We’re Expanding - HiFi Lounge Upgrade - UPDATE 3!

posted on Sat, 04 Mar 2017 04:40:18

Hi Everyone,

Just found a floor with my blogging software, it only seems to allow you to upload so many photo’s per blog so I have had to start another blog for the expansion updates unfortunatley, you can get back to the other one below -

So yesterday was the day I had been waiting for for what seems like forever, the builders finally knocked through from HiFi Lounge’s downstairs demo room into the new showrooms so it really feels like all systems go now.

They are back next week to knock through from the new showrooms to Highend Headphones and finish hanging doors etc and they will be done, I have to say they have done an awesome job and couldn’t recommend the guys anymore highly.

On Monday the electricians are in to fit the power and ethernet sockets and the decorating starts on Wednesday, the end really feels like it is in sight now :-)

Please see a few pictures below of the big moment yesterday, I would imagine it was this exciting when they built the channel tunnel, obviously that was far more straight forward :-)

We’re in :-)



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Rega Launch Red Planar 2 and 3 + Ania MC Cartridge!

posted on Sat, 25 Feb 2017 08:38:19

Hi All,

At the Bristol HiFi Show this weekend Rega announced red versions of the excellent Planar 2 and Planer 3 turntables and I have to say that they look gorgeous, also look closely to the Planar 3 and see if you can notice anything else a little different, I had to take a double take as I could see the cartridge didn’t look like an Elys2 that would normally come with a Planar 3 and actually looked more like Rega’s top end Apheta 2 design, well it turns out it is a new cartridge called the Ania which is a Moving Coil design and will retail for £498 and should be the perfect partner for the Planar 3 and RP6, there will also be a cheaper MC phono stage coming shortly from Rega called the Fono MC for £248 to match the Ania, I can see these being very popular indeed as we seem to get more and more demand for turntables as the months go on which is really great to see.

Please see some pictures below of the new finish, needless to say we will have these on demo asap, the red versions of the TT’s will be available sometime on April so if you’d like to place a pre-order please get in touch -

Rega Planar 2

Rega Planar 3



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Audio Research Now At HiFi Lounge!

posted on Mon, 20 Feb 2017 06:31:55

Hi All,

As part of our expansion plans I am really pleased to announce that we have now added Audio Research to our portfolio and along with dCS and Wilson Audio this now completes our line up of new Highend Brands that will hopefully add another string to HiFi Lounge’s bow :-)

In reality Audio Research really do not need any introduction as they are one of the most respected, established and oldest manufacturers of Audio Components trading today and are credited by many as the founders of the ‘Highend Audio’ world that we now enjoy. They were founded in 1970 by William Z. Johnson and are located in Minnesota, USA and are known best for their preference of the use of Vacuum Tubes for their Class A amplifier designs.

More importantly though Audio Research is all about making HiFi that their owners will really enjoy and be proud to own, they only bring new equipment to market when there are true advances in technology and produce some of the most musically engaging products available that constantly get glowing reviews worldwide. Audio Research really do sum up everything that is great about Highend Audio offering beautifully made products that push the boundaries but they always put the music first and foremost so it really is an honour to add their products to our lineup.

We have decided to jump in at the top of the tree with Audio Research by putting their Reference line on demo so for now we have the Reference 75SE power amp, Reference CD9 CD Player  / DAC and Reference 6 Pre-amp. The Audio Research lineup is pretty straightforward nowadays with 3 clear lines, the new Foundation series which is the entry lever for AR,then there is the mid level G Series and then the Reference lineup, once our bank balance has recovered a little from buying all this new kit I will look to bring on the Foundation Series Pre / Power and the G Series integrated GSi75.

I have spent that last few hours un-boxing our new AR demo kit and installing all the Valves, its a tough life :-) so below are a few pictures, probably too many to be honest, then once I get to 5.30pm tonight I will be having a good listen, I have been reading reviews about AR for years with it always being described as the most natural and realistic sounding HiFi there is so I really can’t wait to find this out for myself.

Obviously it goes without saying if Audio Research is something you’d like to demo at any time please come in for a listen, I really can’t wait until our new Highend Audio Showroom is complete in a couple of months so that we can put our AR demo kit in pride of place :-)

Another tough day at the office :-)

Reference 6 Pre-Amplifier Un-boxing

Reference CD9 CD Player / DAC Un-Boxing

Reference 75 SE Power Amplifier Un-boxing

Time to Install The Valves into the Ref 75 SE.

Next the Ref 6

I forgot to take Pics for the CD9, Doh!

Time to get it all hooked up -

Phew, well I think that is enough pictures for anyone :-)



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dCS Network Bridge Now On Demo!

posted on Thu, 16 Feb 2017 05:26:08

Hi There,

I just wanted to write a quick blog to say that we now have the dCS Network bridge on demo, personally I have been looking forward to this one as it has the potential to be the perfect device to link your digital music collection to your favourite DAC or digital amp, especially as it is Roon Ready.

So in a nutshell the dCS Network Bridge is a very powerful piece of hardware that links to your network and will see the data on your NAS and using the dCS app or Roon can then be passed onto a DAC of some kind, you can also attached a USB Hard Drive to access your music + it has streaming service like Tidal and Spotify built in and is AirPlay compatible.

One the hardware front it has a powerful FPGA chip at it’s heart and can even have a clock attached like with the Rossini and Vivaldi to reduce jitter and help timing, having seen how effective this is with our demo Rossini this is actually a great feature. It will also play all files up to 24 / 384 as well as DSD 64 and 128 in native or DOP and can also down sample for older Dacs.

What really excites me about the Bridge is that it is ROON ready, now I know a lot of my customers have been using ROON for some time now but I have just started using it when we got our dCS Rossini and I have to say that there is no going back now, basically it is an extremely powerful piece of software that brings all your digital music together into one very metadata rich interface so whether using Tidal, Quboz or Upnp for a Nas you can see it all in one place with links to similar artists, lyrics, a radio station that will play similar music once your playlist has finished, I could go one but once you have experienced Roon everything else does seem quite lacking, and for a life time subscription for around £400 it really is worth every penny.

When I get a chance I am quite keen to compare the dCS Network Bridge against the Aurender X100L, one of my favourite sources, as they are similarly priced but considering dCS used to distribute Aurender they know what they need to beat on the sound quality front so that should be very interesting, but inevitably it is a different solution how to access your digital music Library but one that looks to tick all the boxes.

If this sounds of any interest please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo or even a home demo if that would be more useful.

Please find some un-boxing pics below and a link to the Network Bridge on our website -



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