Welcoming Heed Audio Back To Our Portfolio Of Brands!

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Have to say that I am delighted to now be able to add Heed Audio back to our range of brands we can offer as I have always been a big fan, not sure if anyone can remember but Heed where one of our first brands at HFL and we sold a fair bit of it with everyone loving it’s very natural and unforced presentation, very valve like to be honest thanks to the output stage that Heed use for their amplifiers, but distribution changed hands and Heed kind of disappeared from UK shores for a few years but I am really pleased to say that they now have a new UK distributor so once I found this out I didn’t hesitate in bringing them back into the fold.

So for now on demo we have the £1650 Heed Abacus DAC, which you can add a streaming card to for £450 to make it a fantastic streaming/dac solution for £2100, we also have the matching half size Elixir Integrated amplifier at £1500 and its brand new bigger brother, the Lagrange which has just been upgraded to the Lagrange S priced at £5000 and finally the awesome little Canamp II headphone amp which at £475 is unbeatable if you want a brilliant and small great sounding analogue only headphone amp.

Transcap Amplifier Design Explained

Heed use a very different design for their amplifiers which really does makes them sound very natural and lifelike, please find more info below stolen from their website –

‘When you own a Heed amplifier you meet technology that you most probably have never seen in action before. Like the almost forgotten (and then reincarnated) valve technology, the output capacitor transistor amplifiers can normally only be found in the deepest recesses of engineers drawers. The technical difficulties of RC-Coupling means almost 100% of todays manufacturers opt for the easier direct-coupled solutions instead. With great effort and countless development hours there is a way to employ an up to date and sonically better sounding RC-Coupled amplifier. We have chosen this way.

This power transforming system needs to be perfectly balanced. The heart of our Transcap technology lies in the precise adjustment of all the charge transmitting and current delivery channels. This propels all the common amplifier components; mains transformer, power supply, voltage and power amplifier stages, into something radically different. You may see now, this is no ordinary amp and it cannot be measured by common standards. Using our methods the sound becomes thick, warm, yet clear and life-like, as it properly translates the electronic signal into the acoustic world.’

Please find a link to the Heed products we have on demo below and if you would like a listen anytime please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment –




Heed Elixir Integrated Amplifier and Abacus DAC / Streamer

Heed Lagrange S Integrated Amplifier

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