Trafomatic Rhapsody 300B Single Ended Valve Amp Now On Demo In A Cool Colour!

Hi Everyone,

As I’ve been writing these blogs over the last couple of weeks it has made me realise just how much new demo stock we have bought this year, scary stuff really, being a music lover and HiFi enthusiast running a HiFi shop really is akin to a drug dealer being addicted to heroin, it really is a dangerous and expensive business, bloody good fun though, there are just so many temptations out there.

This is a great new addition to our range though I feel, Trafomatic Audio are a new brand to me and bringing them on was solely driven my love of the Western Electric 91E 300B valve amp we have here which when partnered with our DeVore speakers really is a match made in heaven which got me looking at what other 300B Single ended Valve amps are out there which brought me to Trafomatic, I was firstly sold by the looks, yes I’m such a tart, but I asked if I could borrow one from the distributor, Absolute Sounds, which they kindly obliged with and after a quick listen I realised that along with it being absolutely gorgeous it sounded different enough from the 91E that it would be a worthy addition to put on demo to give our ever growing number of DeVore customers another amplifier option. What I need to do now is try to on other speakers as I’m sure it will make any speaker sing it is connected to.

Choose You Colour!

Another great feature on the purely aesthetic point is that you can have any colour you like, so being a bit of a car nut I sent them a picture of the below Ferrari and asked them to match that, please, so Trafomatic spoke with Ferrari and got the paint code, I think when you see the amp you’ll agree they did a great job.

As for the sound compared to the Western Electric 91E? it definitely has a slightly tighter and punchier bass and a more refined sound overall whereas the 91E is a little more forward and lively so they really do complement each other well as they are both equally as good I’d say but just different so it will be up to the customer to choose, I can see some fun demos coming up.

Once our DeVore Reference speakers arrive I plan to run them with the Trafomatic Glenn 300B Mono Blocks as I would expect that to be a very special combination, really can’t wait to get this all up and running.

As ever please find a link below to Trafomatic on our website, we’re still adding some products to this, and a few pictures below and if you’d like to come in for a listen at anytime please feel free.



The Big Question, Trafomatic Rhapsody or the Western Electric 91E?

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