German Physiks Omnidirectional Speaker Open Day – 27th April!

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It’s time for our first Open day of 2024 and this one is something a little different as it is for a speaker brand we do that I have always loved but I’m sure a lot of people have actually never sat down and listened to, German Physiks, who are the world leaders in Omnidirectional Loudspeakers giving a very different presentation to a conventional speaker. For those who don’t know what an Omnidirectional speaker is, basically they present the music in 360 degrees. Not only are they very musical but be being an Omnidirectional design they give a huge soundstage recreating that music hall live sound, they really are quite special and well worth a listen so if you are around on April 27th please do come in for a listen.

We will have both of our 2 downstairs demo rooms running, the first room with have the £19,500 HRS-130 speakers in and the next room will have the next model up, the Borderland MK IV playing, this was German Physiks first speaker back in 1992 and is their most popular speaker.

Designed and manufactured in Germany the full range of German Physiks loudspeakers embody the same DDD driver which eliminates the crossover point in the very important mid-range. The DDD driver also has a wide frequency range typically, from 200Hz to 24Khz and is phase linear across this bandwidth. All frequencies in its operating range radiate evenly through 360 degrees around the loudspeaker in a horizontal plane producing a stereo image you can enjoy from a wide range of positions in the listening room.

Over the years Omnidirectional loudspeakers have gone from a curiosity that few people were aware of and even fewer had heard to a class of loudspeakers that you will find at almost any audio show and offer a different approach to the traditional speaker design so for something truly different please feel free to join us.

Please find a very enthusiastic review from Terry Ellis below, as you can see he was extremely impressed, these are the actual speakers we will have at our open day much to Terry’s disappointment as he would have loved to have kept them longer.

HiFi+ Editors Choice Award for Borderland MK IV’s

Over the years German Physiks have won countless awards and the latest addition to these is from HiFi+ who have just awarded the Borderland MK IV’s their Editors Choice award, please see below –

RSVP Please!

We will have food and drink available on the day as well as representatives along from German Physiks to help run the day and answer any questions you may have.

It would be great if you’d like to come along to experience something a little different, I think you will be very surprised just how good these speakers sound, if you can make it along can you please fire me a quick mail to the below, thanks –

Please also find a link below to the full German Physiks range of speakers on our website below and a few pictures –

Hope to see you on April 27th,

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