YG Acoustics Reference Carmel 3 Speakers Now On Demo at HFL, Stunning!

Hi all,

So everyone who knows me will know that I love speakers, without a doubt it is my favourite part of the HiFi Chain as I have said many times before, so as is becoming a common occurrence  when I was offered the chance to hear the new YG Acoustic Reference Carmel 3 speakers I jumped at the chance, I’m sure you know where this is going to end up.

But before we get to that point the first thing that hit me was how pretty they are, the proportions being perfect for most UK homes, these really are perfectly proportioned, looking absolutely stunning with their aerospace grade aluminium cabinets but for a reasonably small speaker the scale of the audio presentation is very impressive but it is their delicacy and insight that drew me in, these are obviously a 2 way design which a lot of people prefer for their simplicity and coherence which I totally get, have to say the balance through the whole frequency is spot on with very impressive tight and layered bass weight, they really are very engrossing.

It really is very easy to be impressed by the Carmel 3’s so I couldn’t resist but to place an order for a pair for demo to go along with the YG Peaks Cairn and Talus speakers we already have on demo.

The great thing with the 3 pairs of YG’s that we currently have on demo is that they all occupy a small footprint which really will suit a lot of UK homes but as ever it has to come down to sound quality and in all honesty YG are a new brand to me so I am still learning their family sound but all I can say if you like, clarity, delicacy and insight that pulls you in then you really should give them a listen if you are looking for new speakers at this price point.

Please find a link below to YG on our website and a few pictures of what we have on demo currently, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo anytime –




YG Reference Carmel 3 Speakers


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